User experience through interactive content

Content Experience Suite - Slideport is the complete solution for marketing and sales departments, as well as agencies: a software suite for creating, publishing, and analysing experienceable content – CI-compliant and in teams.

Content experience means making content come alive and offering the user an effective and pleasant experience through structural, aesthetic, and textual relevance.

In a suite, user experience occurs in the form of interactive apps and browser-based content in the shortest time.

The self-explanatory drag-and-drop-based creation process, which is 100% CI-compliant, is as easy as the push-button publishing process.
Feedback can be evaluated with content monitoring and lead and ROI analysis.

Real-time updates let you react quickly to changing demands. Marketing, distribution, and creative departments can centrally and collaboratively manage, combine, and prepare content. With the Slideport Content Experience Suite, content will thus become more relevant to the user’s experience. And that will result in greater customer loyalty and better brand perception.

The winner of the Innovation Prize at the 2015 SME Initiative (Initiative Mittelstand 2015) and the Automation App Award.

Slideport sections

- free & with design templates

- integrate all media elements
 (including 3D) with drag & drop

- no programming knowledge

- limitlessly multilingual,
  content translation

- guaranteed brand consistency

  • design with integrated template maker
  • code integration also possible

 - central template and
   content management

- release browser-based &
  interactive apps
  (on and offline)

- publish at the push of a button
  on all platforms and devices

- real-time updates

- content monitoring

- coverage, retention,
  content engagement

- lead and ROI analysis

- work simultaneously on content

- flowing cooperation process

- workflow and version overview
Tools and Features for interactive content

The Slideport suite includes these five tools in one convenient content suite that also includes additional features.

Simpler workflow – using the example of product presentations

Real-time B2B information on digital marketing and technology

Collaborative Value

Bringing together the stakeholders involved in the creation process is an important factor in the success of the business. Employees and service providers can work together from around the globe and combine their knowledge. By pooling expertise, all available potential is tapped.  

slideport wertschöpfung

The Slideport Content Experience Suite contains a teamwork manager for a single seamless workflow – from creation to publishing through to content analysis. This means increased productivity and creativity as well as more efficient creation – 50% to 75% time and cost savings.


Customer Benefits of interactive content

- higher involvement through content as experience;
- interactive content is perceived better;
- brand loyalty through content experience with CI consistency;
- measurable content success;
- opinion leadership through innovative product communication.

- real-time updates (e.g., for field representatives);
- lead generation;
- individual adjustment according to each customer/country/target group;
- improved brand loyalty and contact maintenance;
- higher sales numbers / conversion rates due to more relevant content.

Creative agencies / graphics departments
- project management within the suite;
- incorporation of your own designs through the open standard HTML5;
- template maker for expanded graphic design services;
- driver of the digital transformation.

SlidePort Starter For pilot applications
1 Content Experience
Unlimited users
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

330 EUR / month
billed annually
SlidePort Basic For interactive product placement
5 Content Experiences
Unlimited users
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

1,500 EUR / month
billed annually
SlidePort Active For active digital marketing
20 Content Experiences
Unlimited users
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

2,600 EUR / month
billed annually
SlidePort Unlimited For content sharks
Unlimited Content Experiences
Unlimited users
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

6,700 EUR / month
billed annually
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