For marketing, sales, and creative teams, content strategy means the conscientious handling of content.
If content generates brand loyalty, customer contact, and productivity, it has fulfilled its role as a relevant business resource.

That’s exactly what Slideport is trying to do: bring useful content to life.

Because, in the digital realm, customers and interested parties are focused on freedom of choice. Here, users aren’t looking for mere advertising, but rather the value of experiencing informative, interesting, and interactive content.

This type of content experience happens with the Slideport Content Experience Suite for marketing, sales, and creative teams.
This complete solution allows for the creation, publication, analysis, and reworking of digital content, all in one package. It works both in individual and team environments, with or without programming knowledge, and with open creative freedom or with compliance and CI conformity.

The Slideport team knows the multifaceted media, content, and connectivity ecosystem from many years of experience and from various perspectives – as decision-makers in marketing and sales, as creators, and as users.
The result is the Slideport Content Experience Suite. With this complete content suite, Slideport acts as the creator of digital solutions with added value. *

*The winner of the Innovation Prize at the 2015 SME Initiative (Initiative Mittelstand 2015).

What does "Slideport" mean?

PORT – from the (old) French port < Latin portus, to: porta, Pforte >

1. Place of safety, security (especially as a destination).
2. Harbour.
3. In connection with computer software – an interface.

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