Content examples

- dynamic corporate content;
- product presentations, incl. product simulations;
- interactive catalogues (on- and offline);
- digital assets such as quizzes, calculators, simulators…;
- interactive apps…;
- multimedia press releases, white papers, and
  landing pages;
- play and action paths;
- interactive advertising formats;
- interactive operating panels and information boards.

At the push of a button for Windows, Android, iOS (multi-platform)
Application areas

- trade fairs and exhibitions;
- internal and external communication;
- field representatives;
- product training;
- social media shares, website content, blogs...;
- B2B and B2C networks provided with content
  e.g., dealer and sales networks;
- eLearning;
- advertising;
- augmented reality, digital signage

Immediately optimized for touchpoints, desktops, mobile devices (multi-device)
Added value

- generate involvement and achieve brand loyalty;
- bring complex content to life;
- make content available in real time;
- higher dwell time and better perception;
- provide individual content to customers and
  interested parties;
- ensure brand consistency across all devices;
- generate qualified leads;
- higher conversion rates;
- easy to create and integrate into
    AR applications.

Create in teams


Content Experience: Content Understood as Experience

Customers and interested parties do not always look for an experience with the “wow factor.” Instead, they want to discover relevant content – it’s structural, aesthetic, and textual relevance that attracts their empathy. That includes being perceived as an individual with different needs depending on the situation. Interactive content allows businesses to respond appropriately to these needs. Customers and interested parties thus feel that they are taken seriously by companies and their brands. It’s also important to customers and potential customers that product-related content is seamlessly and optimally available on all their devices – perfectly understandable, brand-consistent, and up-to-date at all times. When the digital contact with the brand environment invites you to linger and is perceived as pleasant, the question about the meaning of content experience is answered with style:
content experience is the experience of getting to know, understanding, and appreciating each other – in order to create a positive relationship between brands and customers.


1. Interaction as a mutual “aha!” experience

Interactive content – for example, in the form of apps – gives customers and interested parties the chance to determine for themselves the individual relevance of the content.
All this feedback (how many customers search for objects in this price range?...) helps businesses recognize the long-term success patterns of their brands and products. That benefits the marketing team as well as the sales team – for example, in the form of higher conversion rates. The interaction between businesses, customers, and interested parties thus becomes an “aha!” experience.

Relevance as a Factor in Empathy


 2. In front of the screen and "always on"

Today, it’s expected that apps and browser-based content are available where the customers and interested parties are: in front of the screen and “always on.” It therefore goes without saying that content should run smoothly on all devices, that it should be up-to-date at all times and in all respects, and that it should be designed based on actual media usage behaviour.


3. Stir up the emotions and inform

Businesses and their brands place great value on maintaining and strengthening the relationship they’ve generated with customers and interested parties. That’s why digital contact with the products should also be a pleasant experience. Customers and interested parties appreciate content as an experience that invites them to linger and come back:
if it fits the brand, then you can also include a bit of flashiness. The Content Experience Suite creates brand loyalty that excites!

App Integrator
Slideport makes content marketing and product communication more effective thanks to a combination of several USPs.
Slideport Presentation software Browser Plugin (Animation) App-Software Individual programming
CONTENT Media objects of all types
Non-linear presentation (multi-menu)
Interactive videos
2D and 3D product simulations
Translation tool
CI&COMPLIANCE PDF category organizer
Template maker
Automatic CI control
Complete view of all content experiences
PUBLISHING Multi-platform
Push-button publishing
Publication as an app and/or browser-based content
Open standard (HTML5)
Analytics Content monitoring
Usage statistics
Lead analysis
ROI analysis
TEAMWORK Smart team features
Version overview
Maintenance log
Rights management
Content applications created with Slideport strongly involve the user, generating more leads and sales. According to Yankee Group Research in the US, tablet-based selling, for example, will achieve a sales quota up to 28% higher.
Our Customers Use the Slideport Content Experience Suite to...

... simply explain complex products
- assembly of individually relevant content for a coherent user experience;
- structuring through text, picture, and video menus;
- project implementation independent of IT resources and ongoing maintenance.

… operate internationally and in multiple languages
- translation directly in the content product;
- limitlessly multilingual content.

… supply distribution networks, partners, and sales representatives with content
- guaranteed compliance with CI guidelines across the entire distribution network;
- export to all devices and platforms (Windows, iOS, Android) with a single click;
- up-to-date content in real time.

…frequently update product catalogues
- content management directly in the content product;
- real-time adjustments and updates;
- republishing with a single click.

… work with external agencies / service providers
- simultaneously work on a content project wherever you are;
- workflow and version overview for marketing teams, graphic designers, copywriters, and storytellers…;
- project management within the suite (e.g., comment function with automatic notification).

… create content projects as a team 
- a content suite for every stakeholder;
- content workflow across departmental boundaries;
- teamwork manager for an efficient value-adding process.

... ensure brand consistency
- compliant and CI-conforming content;
- central template creation, management, and maintenance;
- continued use of existing apps and assets.

… base their content strategy on facts and figures
- content monitoring;
- conversion rates;
- ROI efficiency.

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